Three days in Córdoba, Argentina...

I am heading home, but just spent three days shooting for Epson International in Córdoba, Argentina as Director of Photography (cinematographer).  The Director and I spent the better part of a day to get there, shot for a day and a half and enjoyed a half day of food and culture.  The shoot, an internal 2 minute piece for Epson International, was shot on my Sony A7s II @ 4K with some shots utilizing the DJI Ronin 3-Axis gimbal.

Alejandro Diez was my Gaffer and we were able to work fast and get a lot done with very little resources.  One of the key aspects of shooting quickly with a new crew is establishing a style and a dialog quickly.  Speaking different native languages adds an extra level of challenge to that.  Luckily Alejandro spoke english and his crew were on top of their game.

We shot two interviews, some b-roll of the main office, then on day 2 we concentrated on a field office.  The field office was where the Ronin came in extra handy, allowing for tracking and camera movement.

All in all, everyone was happy with what was shot.  Can't wait to show the finished product.