LoveSac Spot

Recently I had the privilege of shooting with GoConvergence a spot for alternative furniture maker LoveSac. Using both green screen and specialized camera motion control to tell the story, we had a very successful shoot.

For the spot, we chose a 15' TechnoDolly (supplied by Cinemoves) to facilitate precise, repeatable moves with a fast and friendly interface to get it all shot with the added confidence that the moves are exact and track to the VFX team.

With Ron Tatham as my Technodolly guru, I discovered easily my favorite feature was the "freelance" mode where you can take over control during a move to catch a moment (like with the dog on a couch).  The dolly records your added changes and passes those changes along in the data stream.  Very flexible.

The stage at Nant studios, with their 360 degree green screen, allowed us to look in any direction and move fast.  Having a turn-key green screen stage with pre-hung negative on rails and day/tungsten kino's made our one day shoot not just possible but enjoyable.

Special thanks to the GoCo team: Kenny, Smithy and Chris, as well as everyone back at the office.  Cinemoves was great supporting us with Ron Tatham and Michael "Hawk" Montez.  Finally, I am only as good as the team behind me, my Gaffer Chris Anderson, Key Grip David Loden and their amazing crew Scott and Tyler made for a great day.

Click below to watch the finished piece.