FedEx - Overqualified

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a fun spec with director Nathan Caywood for FedEx.  The premise was a comic demonstration of how easy FedEx is to use.  At the head, our 'Boss' has to fire his well-meaning employee after the employee implemented using FedEx to do all their shipping.  This devolves into how easy FedEx really is,with more absurd employees being fired until we finally see him fire a house plant.


Nathan and I both knew we wanted a simple, yet fun look.  Our palette and shots depended heavily on our production designer, M.J. Kang.  M.J. did an amazing job at creating the office world and giving it a truly "lived in" feel.  As always, a fine line between funny and cluttered.


At that point I was given a great space to light, with my gaffer Caleb Phillips, we rigged a menace arm over the set to give us the top light that an office would have.  With little tweaks, we got out of the way to give the actors room to perform and the rest is on the screen.


Thanks to Evan Wilhelm, 1st Camera Assistant, Michael Seabolt, 1st AD,  Teaghm Bashet, Andrew Lemon, East Side Camera and most of all Sabrina Howells for bringing everyone and everything together.