Karma Rivero - Aliso Edition

At the end of a recent Nutri System Spot (story coming soon) I was approached by The GoCo to shoot a spot for Karma Automotive. Specifically, the Karma Aliso, which has a specific paint color based on the waves of Aliso Beach, CA.


With a short prep, we traveled down to Aliso Beach and shot waves for the morning. Unplanned, and with the film gods smiling down on us, we met a local artist/painter who was doing a still life of the shore. Our artist was a priceless addition to the spot and we couldn’t have planned it better.

After shooting at Aliso, we traveled up to Balboa Beach in Newport, CA. Balboa is a picturesque area and allowed a convenient place for us to put the car out on the beach without a lot of effort (i.e, not a dune buggy). We then captured images of the car with the pacific ocean as our backdrop.

Both inside and outside the car included fixed point and gimbal work, in addition we had some sunset aerial work that was critical to finishing out day. Couldn’t have done it without and can’t thank my team enough…

Christine Hodinh - 1st AC

Colin Burgess - Aerial DP / Drone Pilot,

Jennifer Cohen-Harriman - Gaffer

Jerry White - Key Grip

Zack Zeidman - Grip / Electrician