Nathaniel Miller

The son of a commercial photographer, Nathaniel Miller grew up watching the world through a camera lens.  Sailing on Long Island Sound, backpacking deep in the Adirondack Mountains, and running all over New York City, Nathaniel dragged his dad’s Olympus OM-1 everywhere he went, shooting everything he saw, and learning all along the way.

After studying Film and Broadcast Communications at SUNY Plattsburgh and San Francisco State University, Nathaniel made the move to Los Angeles and began working on productions around the world.  Working steadily up through every position in the camera department, he gained invaluable exposure to all aspects of shooting.  His extensive experience in both film and video primed him for the industry’s move to HD, and he quickly made a name for himself working as a highly sought-after Digital Image Technician.  

Working on indie features, blockbuster movies, network television, and innumerable broadcast commercials over the past fifteen years, Nathaniel has had the opportunity to learn from the best.  First-hand experience working with renowned cinematographers such as Caleb Deschanel, David Tattersall and Stephen Goldblatt, has had a powerful influence on Nathaniel, and he has developed a depth of wisdom in his work that far exceeds his age.  

As a Director of Photography, he thrives in a collaborative environment, and prides himself on working tirelessly to bring each Director’s vision to life.  Nathaniel is creative under pressure, believes that strong composition trumps technology every time, and constantly pushes himself to learn and grow with each new production.

Nathaniel lives in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife and daughter, and has never stopped shooting on that OM-1.